SU mulls revising academic calendar

By Kristine Felva P. Licup

Silliman University is studying the possibility of changing the start of its school year to January, August or September in order to keep up with international education standards.

Office of Information and Publication Director Mark Garcia said the university has created a group to study the academic calendar
that will “allow the university to be in tune with the demands of the industry, especially the Asian region.”
“The ASEAN 2015 talks about equality in the ASEAN region, but it also challenges universities particularly to be very competitive in terms of promoting their programs.

“We are positioning Silliman in that direction,” he said.

The ASEAN 2015 will start open trade among the organization’s 10 member-states allowing free flow of goods and services including education services.
Garcia added that the administration has been considering the change in the academic calendar as early as last year but it remains a
possibility as of the moment.

“It doesn’t mean that because we’re talking about it, we’re automatically going to implement it. We’re still studying our options,” he said.

A survey will be conducted among students, faculty and staff, parents and alumni as part of the university’s assessment of stakeholders’ opinion on the revision plans.
Garcia said they are currently reviewing the survey questions based on how they are able to draw out the necessary answers.
Once the survey is ready, students, alumni and faculty and staff can access it on their su.edu.ph email accounts, while parents will be provided a link to the survey on the university’s website.

Students’ views
As for junior education student Charlton Ray Teves, the revision in the academic calendar may cause major adjustments but it will be worth it.

“For me, I’d like classes to start in the middle of the year just like in the United States. Students will have to adjust to the change of course, but it would be a great thing to look forward to,” he said.

But for Charles David Peña, the change will disrupt the “normalcy” of things.
“I’m against this possibility. I’ve gotten used to classes starting in June and ending in March. If classes start on August, what would happen to our Founders Week celebration?” he added.

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