SG funds about to run dry

By DM Lorena V. Narciso

Remaining Student Government activities planned for the semester may not be carried out as SG heads reported lack of funding to the administration last Jan. 13.

Rona Namocatcat, Silliman University SG president, said they have asked the Office of Student Services (OSS) if it can provide the SUSG assistance with their current financial problem.

The cause
SUSG Finance Committee chair Marein Makinano said the SUSG has a total budget of around P300,000 to P400,000 per semester (P60 SG fee multiplied by the number of students enrolled).She added that the budget is used to fund SUSG activities and that they also try to raise money for additional expenses.

For the Hibalag Booth Festival, an activity sponsored and organized by the SUSG every year, they were able to raise P200,000. They also set aside P100,000 for their scholarship program and various committee activities.
But, according to Makinano, they had to use up most of their budget during Hibalag alone and in fact had close to nothing left to spend after it.
She added that they paid the Buildings and Grounds around P274,000 for lights and power supply, electrical consumption, janitorial services and various labor costs and P200,000 for the sound system provider.

The problem
Namocatcat said they had to use some of the funds for the second semester to pay for the previous semester’s deficit.
“SG’s budget has been exhausted that is why we are seeking help from the administration. We do not want to compromise the quality of SG activities just because we are having financial difficulties,” she said.

Namocatcat added that the SUSG continues to study last semester’s expenses because she does not want to tell her constituents that almost P300,000 of student money was spent on the Hibalag Festival alone.

BG explains
BG superintendent, Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, said their services were more expensive this year because of the increase in prices and rates of materials used for lighting, fencing and electrical connections.
He added that labor cost was also more expensive compared to last year because workers during the 2013 Hibalag Festival were not regular employees of Silliman. They were, in other words, contractual workers paid either per hour or per diem.

OSS Dean Carlos Magtolis Jr. said the administration is “willing to help and will see what we can do.” “We will sit down with the BG and find out how accurate the billings are so the SG can continue with their programs for the second semester,” he said.

Magtolis added that they are going to set a meeting with, among others, university president, Dr. Ben S. Malayang III , Vice- resident for Finance Cleonico Fontelo and BG head Ygnalaga.

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