Road safety is mostly student concern, say BG, PASO

By Kriztja Marae G. Labrador

Senior music student Virgil Joy Tiare was crossing the street between the College of Business Administration building and the Ausejo Hall around noon when she was almost hit by a car.
She said she remembered the car was speeding and that she was fortunate to have gotten out of its way on time.

“I have always been scared of crossing streets even before the incident so you can just imagine the fear I feel now every time I have to cross one,” she said.

Tiare added that the university should impose stricter penalties for those who get caught.
Grace Enojo, senior mass communication student, said she also almost met an accident when two “fancy” cars sped past her only slightly missing her while she was walking along the Luce auditorium and the College of Performing and Visual Arts building.

“That angered me because everyone knows there’s a speed limit on campus. A fancy car shouldn’t exempt you from that rule,” she said.

Enojo added that the speed limit should be emphasized to motorists every time they avail of the university security pass.
According to Buildings and Grounds superintendent, Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, the university already has existing road safety rules and procedures.
They include the installation of humps and speed limit signage of 25kph in strategic areas all over the campus.
However, Ygnalaga said these are useless unless motorists take it upon themselves to be disciplined and to drive carefully.
He added that student leaders must take the initiative of creating a sanction that will deter speeding in campus.

“One aspect that may solve the [speeding] problem is if the Student Government looks into it because it is, after all, for the students,” he said.

Similarly, Public Assistance and Security Office chief, Dr. Nichol Elman, agreed saying, “Although we are in charge of enforcing road rules inside the campus, we cannot monitor everything at the same time.”
Elman added that if students want stricter sanctions, they must relay their grievances to the Student Government and spearhead policies themselves instead of waiting for the administration to act.

“It is always the university who has to come up with all these rules and then later students would blame the administration for advocating something that the majority did not want in the first place,” he said.

He also said he does not yet see the need for a new road safety rule.
For Tiare and Enojo said they still hope the administration will do something before a mishap happens.

“What is the university waiting for, students to die by road accidents inside the campus?” Tiare said.

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