Campus revamps to start this summer

By Samantha L. Colinco

A second floor extension made out of container vans for the Nutrition and Dietetics building will start construction in April, the project leader said.

Buildings and Grounds superintendent, Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, said they hope to have the additional classrooms and offices ready for use by next school year.
He also said the university aims to create more container van buildings that will serve as additional classrooms as well as evacuation centers during calamities.

“When two of the 40-foot high containers are put together, they can accommodate 30 to 40 people at the same time. So many students and staff who seek refuge will be safe,” he added.

Ygnalaga added that they plan to build the first shelter-classroom on the vacant lot along Azucena and Sampaguita cottages as it will also double as a classroom for the College of Performing and Visual Arts.

Moreover, Ygnalaga said the university is also accommodating features required by the Persons with Disabilities Act in its renovation plans.

Patterned from the Mary Marquis Smith Hall of the College of Nursing, buildings across the campus will be connected by bridges
to provide ease of access to PWDs.
Part of Silliman’s overhaul also includes the construction of an architecture building next to the College of Engineering and Design (CED).

Ygnalaga said the Public Assistance and Security Office and part of the cafeteria will be relocated to make way for a main entrance to the CED, which will include a lobby similar to the College of Computer Studies, to make it accessible from the outside.
The kitchen part of the cafeteria will be transferred to the Pulido Hall which also serves as the dining hall of the male dormitory, Vernon Hall.

According to Ygnalaga, the move will be made so food services are closer to the dormitories.
Among other university construction plans is the building of the new Silliman University Cooperative and faculty and staff townhouses. Some of SU’s commercial plans include the construction of a hotel which will be called the Portal East (in place of the old SU Co-op) and the conversion of the Guy Hall into an inn and convention center.

“Majority of the renovations is made possible by the generous donations of the alumni. That is why it is important we maintain a good relationship with them and we consistently update them on how their money is spent,” said Ygnalaga.

Last year, the SU administration approved the allocation of P72.3 million for campus renovations in preparation for the K-12 and for the more frequent incidents of calamities in the country.

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