Silliman in 2013

su in 2013

By Val Amiel Vestil

I’m sure time rides on a jet plane for you, kid. I mean, it seems that it was only yesterday when you first met your college buddies.
I’m sure that with everything happening so fast for you, my changes remain unnoticeable. You see me every day and you walk past
me every day. However I still feel so invisible. I’m not your concern, I understand that. But I don’t want you to forget about me, so I’m making it easier for you by giving you a quick recap of the remarkable and seemingly interesting changes and developments that happened to me in 2013.

As I said earlier, I’m not getting any younger and as every year goes by I begin to feel absolutely frail.
I am really showing symptoms of old age, aren’t I? In fact, last year, four important landmarks were abandoned, either forever or just for a temporary fixing. It’s sad to see hundreds of boys move out of Doltz Hall last year. If you hadn’t noticed, this dormitory for boys was completely deserted the entire semester. Fear not boys, because renovations are going on for a better dormitory experience. Same goes with my beloved Katipunan Hall. A huge part of it is currently being treated and I think it’s about time.

Most of you kids are getting scared of my dear KH. Most classes, like Filipino, were moved to the newer nursing building.
Speaking of nursing, part of the Nursing Complex, including the main offices for the College of Nursing and some classrooms, was also abandoned after they saw its weakness and put it through reconstruction. Guy Hall (ah,circa 1918), however, will sadly be saying goodbye to its Mass Communication family forever as the college has transferred to the newly erected Emilio T. Yap Hall located just above the Multi-Purpose Room beside the library.

Despite saying goodbye to Guy Hall, and to all the authentically old buildings, we say hello to the newer members of my family.
The Silliman University Medical School building is one of the newest faces! Finally, a home for my Med students. Not only that, the road to Vernon Hall and the SUMS Building has been asphalted. These Med students are not the only ones with a new home as the Silliman University Bandhas been provided with a new practice area just across the Luce Auditorium.

The area infront of the Oriental Hall is also now landscaped and lighted which could help us get a better view of the Silliman Church at night (notice the cross at the top of the church that is lighted blue every night? That happened just this year!) With all these changes, I feel so new and clean now. LikeI’m 17 again or something. The Infobooth that is manned by the Campus Ambassadors is also one of the new faces on campus, which cab be found just across KrossKat. If you’re confused with direction,
check out that new campus map found at the Laguna gate, kid.

Let’s see, what else happened to me in 2013? Well, two new sports have been added to the PE curriculum: Lacrosse and biking;
Silliman NetRadio, a campus radio, has been launched; internet access is now made easier as free WiFi can now be found in almost every corner of the campus; after how many decades of owning that old bus that Imelda Marcos donated to the university, we now have a new school bus with the sleekest design; and of course who would not take notice of the new and arguable 5-day scheme which holds Mondays as a day for related learning activities such as “convocations, special lectures, college events, and other University-sanctioned initiatives done outside class.”

I’ve been very proud of how my university and its students are going, too! A little bird told me that a Sillimanian in the person of Lorraine Kendrickson won this year’s Ms. Dumaguete! Also, my most favorite trustee and former president of Silliman University Professor Emeritus Dr. Angel C. Alcala was named as National Scientist by the National Academy of Science and Technology. With prominence like ours, we were also visited by prominent people in the Philippines. Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario discussed the Philippines’ foreign policies in a special convocation at the Luce Auditorium.

Senior political correspondent of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation Lynda Jumilla also graced the college of Mass Communication with a discussion on the roles of media. And if I wasn’t proud enough already, you guys worked hard to put me at the top and let me rank as the 6th best school in the Philippines by Quacquarelli Symonds, an independent international research institution.

Finally, I want to give special attention to the statue that is in honor of the very reason why I exist. When Pablo pummeled through Dumaguete, the statue of Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard was slightly uprooted at its spot in front of the CAP building. Just last year, the statue was rightfully placed in a new and incredibly noticeable light as it was moved in front of the Hibbard Hall. Where better to place the founder than in front of the very building whose name is in honor of him, right?

There you have it, kid. More than 20 developments and news occurring in 2013 that you might have missed. Believe me, that’s not everything but it’s a handful. If you find the number unflattering, here’s a fact and a tip. I am beautiful. And for you to see that, I just want you to drop everything that makes you think you’re busy and stop and stare.

Just take time to breathe the air at the Amphitheater, look up to the Acacia trees towering over you when you walk across the grounds, feel the silence at the “Autumn Lane in New York,”and try to appreciate the beauty that I am. Here’s to 2014!

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