“Many universities are shifting the start of their classes for the next school year on august. what is your opinion regarding this change?”

“I don’t want to change the schedule of our classes because who will celebrate the Founders day? Foundersday is the most important day in Silliman University”
John Anthony M. Cabildo, BSED MAPEH III

“The university should think twice before deciding to change the start of the class because there will be many adjustments.”
Irish Ann Marie Nonok, BSCE II

“Just because schools abroad start their classes on August doesn’t mean we have to follow. Besides summer in Philippines is from March to May. You can’t change the weather patterns in the country.”
Jazmine A. Bernal, BSMT III

“In my own perspective, changing our academic calendar to August would be okay. It’s not because the government wants to eradicate the summer season, but to have a fixed school time together with the international community. In that way, foreign students and exchange students will have the time to cope with their studies..”
JR Andrew C. Ortega , BSMT I



Compiled by Nectarina Catada


Next issue’s question:
“Just recently, Senator Revilla accused PNoy of being involved in former Chief Justice Corona’s trial. Do you think his accusation is true?”
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