By Rona Marie Namocatcat

“Twins mo day?” 
From tricycle drivers to fast food chain cashiers and waiters, this classic question never loses its popularity. It is that one question that leads us into a cascade of queries, making us reveal the details of our personal lives, or shall I say, twin lives.
Lora and I then smile and nod as we catch each other’s eyes and all of a sudden, we start our mental conversation– a conversation only the two of us can hear, only the two of us can understand.

Naa napud ta ani,” Lora whispers into my head.
Wa pa na, naa pa nay follow up question,”I tell her in reply.

What happens next seem to be read out from a script we have heard for the nth time.

“Unsa man puy kalahian ninyo? Naa moy ilhanan?”
Well, that’s an easy one. Most of the time, the only things people see is that we are twins and that we are, in all ways the same. If you look closer, you’ll see that she has more chinita eyes. I have a widow’s peak on my forehead and she has a round shape on her chin. She loves to dress up and wear bright colors while I prefer to go neutral and dress low-key.
But most people look for that one sign to ensure that they have the right identification.
And so we kill the question by saying: “Lora has a mole on her left arm. I have one at the bridge of my nose.”
“Aw oo bitaw!”

But the conversation does not end there.

“Unya day, mag away pud mo?”
Now this is a tricky one. We don’t really hate each other to the moon and back the way the movies show it. But of course, as normal people, we also have our own share of feuds and short stubborn moments. I could hate her for being such a big mouth in the room. Or she can hate me for making fun of her stuffed toys. We can hate each other for a few minutes but always end up laughing for the next few hours.
As we see it, God trapped us with each other. If we fill our space with hate, then we’ll only end up having the worst time of our lives. Better yet, fill it with joy and let the happiness double in the world. Better to have double the good than double the bad.

“Unya, unsamanpudfeelingnaaykaluha?”
Such a deep question for such very random conversations. And every time we find ourselves in the position to answer that question, we always take a minute to think back and look at our life together.
After living together for 20 years, we simply cannot contract our “twin experience” in a few sentences. It is difficult to explain that feeling you get of having someone somehow invade your privacy, talking inside your head, meddling with your thoughts (but in a non-freaky way, of course).

It feels amazing. It makes you feel special. And it makes you want to share the joy you have for having been blessed with such a unique life.

Hence, no matter how many times we get punches from these questions, we will never grow tired of sharing our twin life even in the shortness of a few minutes while riding the pedicab or paying for our meal.
And no matter how frequent we get them, the experience is new every single time. We discover things we never thought were there and for every time we get asked, “Twins mo day?”, it reminds us to appreciate this rare gift we have been blessed with and make us love even more our one-of-a-kind-relationship.

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