Dear 12-year-old me,

By Jeasela Lucyn De Barras

Enjoy your childhood. Don’t dwell or jump into relationships just yet or at an early age because when you grow older, instead of becoming wiser, you become more stupid You become a fool of love. Your world will revolve around nothing else but this bittersweet pie. My advice?

Don’t give every ounce of your love to one guy.
Leave some for yourself.

And before you start to share your happiness with someone, make sure you are capable of being happy on your own first. And when you finally experience your first real heartbreak, suck it up. It’s not the end of the world. You will still meet other guys who are better than that jerk who had the nerve to play with you and your feelings.
One day, you will meet a guy who God has deemed perfect for you.
Someone who will never even dream about breaking your heart into pieces.
Someone who will love God more than you.
Someone who will respect his mother and value his family.
Someone who will know you inside and out. Someone whose randomness will keep you guessing about his surprises. Someone who would keep your relationship exciting and full of unplanned adventures.
Someone who will love every bit of you, quirks and all, and he won’t be scared to admit it.
Someone who won’t give you a reason to be jealous.
Someone who will fight for you even when it feels like the whole world is against you two to be together.
Someone who will protect you from all kinds of danger and harm. Someone who will run after you when you walk out from an argument.
Someone who is willing to break all the rules when you need him so he can be there for you, no questionsasked. Someone whose smile can and will instantly lighten your mood.
Someone who will listen to all your rants and whines and will keep his mouth shut; he will just hug you when you’re through.
Someone who will never, ever, ever , EVER get tired of spending time with you.

But before you meet that guy, you will encounter a few – okay – A LOT more douche-bags, so just hang on. But be open to the fact that he might not have every trait that I just told you. He WILL have flaws. He won’t be perfect. But he does exist. To tell you honestly, I still haven’t met him. I’m still a long, long way off. That guy is still lost somewhere, too stubborn to ask for directions.

But he will come.

He isn’t really perfect in the sense that he’ll LOOK, TALK and ACT perfect. But just perfect… For you. He’ll be the Patrick to your Spongebob. The Jack to your Jill. The Jake to your Finn. The Percy to your Annabeth. The peanutbutter to your jelly. The yin to your yang. But do bear in mind that love is not all about receiving.
When you finally meet him, make him feel like he’s appreciated and loved too.

Before you start participating in this complicated world, just enjoy where you are right now. Don’t be in such a rush to grow up. Cherish each moment, enjoy the little things that life has to offer you. Because you’ll never get them back, no matter how hard you try. Play with your friends. Make up stories with your Barbie dolls. Watch cartoons while eating cereal every Saturday morning. Explore the world outside, it’s just waiting to be discovered. Read lots and lots of books, let your imagination run wild.
Just try to never grow up. Because the day will come when you’ll wish life were that simple again. But it won’t be anymore.

Most importantly, establish a good relationship with our Heavenly Father. Turn to Him in times of problems and thank Him for the simple blessings. He’s that someone who will be there for you when YOUR someone couldn’t.
He’s your Rock, Anchor, Father and Best friend. He will never leave you and will love you unconditionally.
Sleep with a beautiful smile on your face tonight, okay princess?

Forever and always,
17-year-old me

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