Are You a Health Nut? (Better not be)

By Royanni Miel M. Hontucan and Adriel Zane C. Maxino

The world of today where shallow health philosophies and sprouting scientific mumbo-jumbos, all of us are going around the labyrinth of fallacies and the real deal. Some of us are even practicing myths and medical fairy tales.
We will never be aware that we might be walking straight to our doom- acquiring diseases that we thought we’ll never get. It could be scary but it’s the endpoint of our beautiful lives if we will continue becoming robots of society’s misconceptions.
Of course we are not licensed medical experts but we also have the right to know behind every label that we read. Just because they say it’s safe, it isn’t a 100% guarantee. In the era of commerce and health-obsession, some people take advantage of people’s fear of diverting from the ‘accepted healthy lifestyle’. Superstitions may cloud our mind and medical principles may create disturbing routines. It’s time for us to know what is really about our health behind the fallacies that we have passively accepted.

Do only fat foods make me fat?
Of course not, but it does help to keep an eye on them. In an article by Tamara Duker Freuman, a registered dietician practicing in New York City, she said that there is a common misunderstanding of basic metabolism: Excess calories (energy) from any source will be stored in the body as fat. This holds true for excess protein calories as surely as it does for excess carb or fat calories.
In fact, sugar and alcohol helps circulate fat in the blood – the triglycerides that are preferentially stored as body fat – more than dietary fat does! There’s a reason why fat-free, high-sugar foods like marshmallow fluff, Coca-Cola, candy, juice and honey are not part of the list on good picks to accompany your meals. If eaten
in excess, their calories will make you gain weight as surely as calories from fat-containing alternatives.


Is organic really good?
Yes. Organic is good. Organic produce (vegetables and fruits, etc) are free of pesticides and other chemicals, and are healthier, albeit more expensive. But if health is truly wealth, then spare some of those bills on what is better for your tummy.
But for the sake of some silent questions regarding your so called
“organic junk food,” sorry but no – organic junk food is still junk food. Organic potato chips, oreo, etc. are not healthy food items.
Processed food contain the most number of preservatives, despite the company’s best shot on organic ingredients.

In exercising, should there be pain to gain that body you want?
People often fall prey to common fitness misconceptions that prevent them from achieving their goals.
First, ‘no pain, no gain’ is not something you should always believe and rely in. The brain has its way of telling your body that maybe it had enough rounds for the day. So when you experience pain, think of your body telling you that you might need a little rest.
Discomfort, however, is a different story. You have to distinguish between feeling pain and discomfort. The latter can accompany difficult training such as heavy lifting, intense interval training, and long-distance work.
It is normal, particularly when your body is not yet accustomed to these activities. But so long as you keep the exercises regularly, your body shall also adjust to this.
In most cases, we hear gym goers say the line ‘go for the burn’ be it on their instagram photos or facebook posts. This refers to the sensation felt after numerous repetitions and sets to build, shape, and define muscles. Scientifically speaking, this sensation is felt when the level of lactic acid increases in a muscle as an exercise is done. Although it may bring no harm, it isn’t necessary.

So there goes just a few of the common misconceptions on ensuring great health. None of us are getting any younger. And now that the new year has also dawned on us, we sure hope to bring our knowledge on body awareness a notch higher. To stay healthy, we must also think smart.

Be not a health nut !!

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