What events are you looking forward to this year?

“CBA Week! Valentine’s! Above all “ZUUUMMMEEERR”
Kenneth Morados, Entrep- III
“This coming Intramurals 2014, there should be hip-hop/ modern dance competition per college. It would be great and exciting! ”
Argie Victor Gadiana, BA MGT IV

“Yes, I believe that the athletes are well aware of the word “sportsmanship” and they have been showing that during the Intrams. They have achieved the goal of further honing and developing their skills and talents which God has given them.”
Bruce A. Duran BEEd, General Education III

“I wish the graduation speaker for this year would be Miriam Santiago.”
Irish Generoso , BBA- Management- III

“I looking forward to this summer because I’m gonna have my summer classes again.”
Natasha Kayla L. Silva, BSN-III




Compiled by Nectarina Catada


Next issue’s question:
Many universities are shifting the start of their classes for the next school year on August. What is your opinion regarding this change?”
For your answers, just text the Circulation Manager (09279878522) or leave us a message (click here). Indicate your full name and initials

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