New Year, New Perspective

By Jannica Niña Papelleras

It’s the New Year! For sure, you have your list of resolutions to accomplish. You say to yourself that you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to live healthy, you’re going to stop smoking, you’re going to be early for appointments, and the long list goes on. You have the hype to start over, to make things right and to do new things. But be honest, in the previous years, did you accomplish any for these resolutions?
Every year, you promise to yourself to be better, you start off with a very high energy to accomplish it. But as days and weeks pass, you’re back to your old self, doing the same old things you used to do. This happens almost every year. Will you let this year be the same as the last year or the year before that? Heck, no.
In my case, I’ve stopped making resolutions because I have since then failed to accomplish them. I always end up getting frustrated and just wish miracle happens.
Every year, I always include becoming fit in my new year’s resolution. So I jog, go to the gym and do lots of other stuff just to get fit. But at the end of the first week, I stop. Somehow, I lose the motivation to continue. And so my resolution of getting fit always fails.
Resolution offers the desired destination but never the journey.
I mean, all we just do is to declare what we could become, but never include how to get there. We always say to ourselves to become better, to become fit, but we never specify the things to do in order to accomplish the things we really want.
Aside from that, resolutions fail because making one is just like wishing something without changing our ways, without breaking some bad habits in order to accomplish what we really want. For example, we want to get fit, we go to the gym, but on the other hand, we still eat chocolate, ice cream, junk foods and other stuff that are unhealthy.
That’s the problem: we decide to get better, we make resolutions, we start doing it, but we end up getting stuck in our old ways.
It all boils down to making changes in our old ways and replacing them with new ones.
We need to specify the things we should do in order to accomplish what we really want. It’s like a map: without it, we couldn’t arrive at our destination. It’s time we make a change, a change that will surely last. So if we plan the destination, then let us get ourselves an image of the journey.


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