editorial jan 15

A student’s grades signify many things. For some, they may be just figures. But for others, they are the representation of a student’s hard work or the lack of it. They may symbolize the next steps of college life including internship and graduation. And of course, they may stand as the students’ hope of easing their parents’ burden through scholarships.
For semesters beforehand, the late release of grades has been rampant. We have seen students losing opportunities on internships. Some students have to withdraw from a class and re-enroll to another after finding out all too late that they have not reached the prerequisite’s passing grade. And the worst case is dropping names out of scholarship grant’s list. All thanks to their grades being invisible on their online student account.
We have been taught over and over again how time is important. We equally know how delivering duties on time is of equal significance.
On one hand, we understand how the teachers are busy with their own undertakings. It is not a joke checking bundles of exams, papers and essays of students. They, too, live day by day with other set of requirements and responsibilities to fulfill  apart from meeting their classes.
But as how Atty. Fe Marie Tagle, head of the Human Resource Development Office, said: grading students’ performance is part of a teacher’s duty not just to the students but also to the university. The grades shall be the fruit of everyone’s labor: the labor of the teachers who taught, the students who studied, and the university’s system of education. Falling short on this obligation means depriving everyone of the chance to gain credit or to improve oneself.
The university administration is now on its second semester of giving stricter sanction for teachers who fail to submit grades 10 days after the final examination. The Weekly Sillimanian believes that such sanctions are necessary.
Some teachers should learn the same value of discipline they try to teach their students. After all, one must never stop learning regardless of his or her current strata in life.
tWS hopes that by the end of this semester, we will no longer hear of students running after their grades and teachers running away from their responsibility. For every system to work, we must stop the chase. We shall meet halfway.

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