Campus to be brightened for safety

By Kristine Ann M. Fernandez

The Buildings and Grounds (BG) department will install additional lighting along the roads leading to the Oriental Hall and the dormitories in order to lessen night time accidents and reduce crime.
BG Superintendent, Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, said the routes were identified based on how they are regularly taken by students, especially dormers.
Senior psychology student and Larena Hall resident Erika Tacogue said she feels scared walking to her dorm in the dark.
“If there would be additional lights then students would feel more secure and less uneasy when walking at night. And because it’s brighter, students are less likely to do any mischievous acts,” she said.
Ygnalaga said the idea of putting up more lights came up during a meeting between the student government and the administration.
He added that lighting enhancement is made possible because of the success of the university’s cost-saving program.
“We’ve seen in our NORECO bills that in spite of load increase from our air conditioning use, our kilowatt consumption didn’t increase. I’m thankful for those students who made an effort to save power by turning off appliances when not in use,” said Ygnalaga.
BG is now evaluating the current lighting system and will soon implement steps to upgrade it.
Some of the lights, however, will be turned off after curfew at 10 p.m. to conserve energy

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